To give you guys some more insight I had a friend interview me so you can learn more about my background and my mission with the Melrose Journal




Hungarian/Romanian heritage, grew up in the south of Sweden. Moved to L.A. 2008 and now works as a visual and interaction designer. Resides in West Hollywood with hubby and 2 year old pup, Wesley. Age: 34


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Why did you start the Melrose Journal?

I was browsing the internet one day and found there was a gap of great curated lifestyle content that I could relate to. Don't get me wrong, there are many great beauty and fashion blogs out there, but I wanted to cover a whole concept - not only beauty or fashion. I'm sick of looking at expensive outfits. I wanted something more "real" in a sense. At 34 I know what I like and my attention span online is very limited. I want to create an online destination for women my age where you can find high-quality content covering a healthy, balanced and chic lifestyle.

How do you curate the content for the Melrose Journal?

I've been a dedicated beauty junky since jr. high. I would spend every single dime a had on face creams, hair color etc. All throughout high school, and until this day, my friends have always come to me with beauty questions. Plus, working as a model gives you some pretty awesome insights in the world of style & beauty. The wellness part is a later occurrence. My mom got very sick about 7 years ago and throughout this period I've been researching all sorts of diets and health tips to help her get better. I guess it's become a natural hobby of mine and it's taken me to a point where I want to become my healthiest self in every way possible. Healthy life = happy life. 

What can we expect from this blog?

My hope is to give you a beautifully curated content with great beauty/wellness, personal style, and lifestyle inspiration. Very straight forward and easy to digest but also factual. When it's not my personal opinion I'm very careful with listing sources for my readers if the want to dig deeper into the subject I'm posting about! I want to think of the Melrose Journal as an online magazine.

Why did you move to Los Angeles?

LA was something I could only dream of. I wanted to leave a long relationship and thought to myself that the further away I went the easier it would be to let go. So I took the plunge and made it all the way over to the city of dreamers and doers. 


Best part of living in Los Angeles

The enthusiasm and energy that people project! Dreams do come true in this city and every day is a constant reminder of that! I feel like always giving 💯when I'm here. Anything is possible. Plus, sunshine doesn't hurt. Coming from Sweden, the weather here is a big turn on for me.

Latest project

Working as the creative director for the tech beauty startup beGlammed. It's an on-demand beauty app (similar to Glamsquad). I re-designed their app and website that launches this summer.

Craziest job experience

I was the face for a big Swedish clothing company called KappAhl in Sweden for 2 years. They would fly me to places Uruguay or South Africa for shoots. I had a hard time identifying it as work because it was just too good to be true. Time of my life!


Poppius School Of Journalism, Stockholm 2007
- New York Film Academy, Los Angeles 2008
- AA in Graphic Design at FIDM, Los Angeles 2011
- UX design at UCLA, Los Angeles 2016